Shubhlaxmi group ,a  multidimensional entity, situated in Nagpur, a commercial hub of state of Maharashtra, Republic of India is engaged in marketing, manufacturing, domestic trading, import and export of Agro based products.
Shubhlaxmi Dall & Oil Mill Limited
Manufacturer of Sortex Toor Dall 162, Small Factory Area, Bagadganj, Nagpur (M.S.) India.
Shubhlaxmi Food Processors Pvt.Ltd.
Corn Grits, Corn Floor,Rice Grits, Rice Flour, Gram Grits,Gram Flour,Gram Grits, Gram Flour Besan 165,Small Factory Area,Bagadganj, Nagpur (M.S.) India.
Shubhlaxmi Agro Products Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Sortex  Gram Dall 140,Small Factory Area, Bagadganj, Nagpur (M.S.) India.
Mohanlal Raghunathdas Agrawal
Trading Concern Anaj Bazar, Itwari, Nagpur (M.S) India.
The company stresses and work on a strick Transperancy and quality Tolerance plan right from the procurement to the milling.
Raw Materials : A guaranted Graded Maize, Toor,Rice & Gram.
Purchase of raw material is mainly done by the farmer who uses biofertilizer and natural pesticides and fungicides.
Grade raw material sorted is of export quality.
Every step of work perfomed while processing on the raw material is such that the quality is not affected.
Selected Seeds by the co-operative, farmers vendors Controlled parcels.
Sampling of every delivery.
Follo up of destination storages.